Spring Cleaning — Put Your Financial House in Order

As you file away your forms and schedules at the end of the tax season, it’s a good time to take a closer look at the big picture of your&hellip

The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

Thinking about the need and the costs of long-term care is enough to make anyone uncomfortable. But while it’s a difficult subject to talk about

Four Health Insurance Options for the Self Employed

Self-employment is an important career choice for many people. But with this choice comes the need to provide your own health insurance, which can be

What an Outrage, Your personally identifiable information, Up for sale

In the information age where business is transacted over the internet, you would be surprised how much information is available about all of us. Searc

Understanding the Afordable Care Act

Open enrollment for the New York State Health Exchange begins October 1, 2013. Coverage begins January 1, 2014. The Health Insurance Marketplace will

How does the Supreme Court Ruling Impact the Affordable Care Act?

On November 26, 2013, the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases that involve for-profit corporations. The Court agreed to hear a case from the Tenth

Estate Planning

Transferring Wealth with a Stretch IRA Want a way to flex some retirement planning muscle? Then consider a “stretch” (inherited) IRA. Not

Women Investors

Women, Money and Today’s Retirement Despite all of the other advances made in our society in recent generations, women continue to face unique c

Annual Planning/Life Changes

Who Is Your Beneficiary? Good planning takes into account both the expected and the unexpected. By building your nest egg, you’re planning for t


Planning for Retirement? Don’t Overlook an IRA Nearly 50 million American households own an individual retirement account (IRA).1 While the

Education Planning

College Prep: Five Reasons to Study Up on 529 Plans Millions of families striving to meet the mounting costs of college have flocked to 529 college sa

Long term Care

Estate Planning is not complete with the consideration of Medicare and Long Term Care The Official United States Government Sites conta

Financial Parenting

Kids and Money: A Little Education Pays Off Just about anyone who’s ever watched a child or grandchild go from the crib to kindergarten and beyo

Retirement Planning/Life Stages

Now That You’re Retired, Maximize Your Retirement Income Although much of the last decade has been an exception, historically, stock returns hav

401 K Roll-overs

401(k) Decisions — You Can Take It with You If you are preparing to change jobs, do you know what your choices are for managing the money in your

Financial Planning

Five Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing You may be able to use losses within your investment portfolio to help offset realized gains. If your loss